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How to Select a Carpet that Meets Your Needs, Lifestyle & Budget


Welcome to my Carpet Buying website.  This is the only website you can learn the whole truth about the complicated carpet buying process. You'll discover the smart ways to select the right carpet for you that will meet your needs and lifestyle, and be absolutely sure you have your carpet installed properly. You also will learn the tricks and secrets to getting a fair and square deal and avoid the dozens of common carpet buying mistakes that so many misinformed consumers make, and how to avoid the Common  Carpet Scams!


I've been in the carpet business over 30 years, but I don't sell carpet anymore. I am a Carpet Consultant, author of five carpet and flooring books and a nationally recognized consumer advocate. My unbiased Carpet Buying advice is Published and distributed in major newspapers, national magazines, trade papers and newsletters all over the world. 

My passion is helping consumers select the right carpet that will meet their needs, lifestyle and budget. I encourage you to read through my entire site, read all my FREE Carpet Buying Articles and other information, browse through over 200 Carpet Buying  Q & A and e-mail me with any carpet questions you may have. I offer my "Ask The Expert" e-mail service absolutely free of charge. You can e-mail me with your carpet buying questions whenever you need a second opinion or a little more information to help you along your carpet buying journey. It's all free. 


I also offer you my 136-page instantly downloadable eBook that you would be smart to download and read before you make your final carpet selection. It is only $14.95 and

it contains my Carpet Buying knowledge from over 30-years in this business and provides you with a wealth of usable information to help you save time, money and headaches.  It's a great deal and you really need it!


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