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  • If your pet has more than one urine accident per week then you have a serious problem that needs to be considered when choosing new carpet. 

  • Pet urine accidents left unchecked can quickly ruin any carpet in short order, regardless of the carpet cost, fiber type, or quality level. To limit your financial loss from pet damage, you might be wiser to select a less inexpensive carpet and pad and plan on replacing your carpet and padding more frequently. 

  • It is very difficult to get urine odor and stains out of carpet regardless of the source (dog or cat). I have tried dozens of products and have found that few do any good at all. Of the products that do work to some degree, they are not a miracle spray that works instantly like those you see on TV. 

  • Removing urine stain and odor requires diligence, elbow grease and a commitment to addressing the problem quickly, aggressively and thoroughly. Once urine has soaked into the carpet and dried, it is almost impossible to remove the odor completely with any product on the market today.

  • Avoid padding upgrades. Don't waste your money on fancy or newfangled carpet padding in an attempt to limit the damage caused by excessive pet urine. Moisture-barrier, anti-microbial and odor eating pads are not effective if your pet has frequent urine accidents. You might be better of in the long run if you reduce your padding cost by using a lower grade pad. 

  • I recommend selecting an apartment grade carpet and pad designed to last about 5 years. You can get the whole job done for about $15 per yard which includes a nylon carpet, 6 pound rebond pad and installation (including haul away of your old)

  • How long do you want your carpet to last? With a serious pet urine problem, the answer should be 3 to 5 years. Click here to see your best options.


If you have No Pet Urine Issues...

If you are lucky enough to have pets that don't have wet accidents or if you don't have any pets at all, you can choose almost any carpet you like. Some folks don't care if they have a pet urine problem or not, they still want to spend a bunch of money on new carpet. 

Your test score revealed that you have High foot traffic.   

You have to take into account the four critical carpet specifications to choose the right carpet for you. they are

  • Carpet Fiber

  • Face weight

  • Pile density

  • Tuft  twist

By choosing the correct carpet specifications your carpet will be able to tolerate your level of foot traffic for the amount of time you specify. Choosing the correct pad, having it all installed properly and performing required maintenance will ensure your carpet lasts as long as it was designed.


The next question is...

How long do you want your carpet to last?



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10 to 15 years?     Over 15 years?









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